For Parents

Parent Portal

En Pointe and Just Dance look forward to holding our events this year, in 2024. We are very excited to provide a performing opportunity for your dancers. We also wanted to provide an information page on our website for the parents/guardians. We know you have a lot of questions and we don’t always have the opportunity to reach out to you directly. 

We have tried to anticipate a few of your questions.

What are the hotel bookings available for each event?

Simply call the appropriate hotel to make your reservations under ‘En Pointe and Just Dance Group Block Space’

  • For Waterloo (April 19-April 21, 2024):  The Laundry Rooms  Waterloo location: 181 King Street South (6 suites) and Kitchener location @ Station Park, 5 Wellington Street South (6 suites)  Book up until March 18 before the rooms are released to the public.   
  • For North York (April 26-28, 2024):  
  • For Huntsville (May 12-14, ):  

Will parents/guardians be able to watch the performance? Yes! Capacity limits have been lifted.

Will my dancer need to wear a mask? Proof of vaccination, capacity limits, wearing of masks all no longer are required/mandated by Ontario Provincial Health Minister or the regions Public Health Units. Although all COVID-19 regulations are currently lifted, everyone has the right to choose wearing face coverings. Please, be consicous of and open to everyone’s personal decisions.

What should I expect when I first arrive at the event? When you arrive, your dancer must already be dressed for their first entry, with hair done and make-up done, as well. Dancers must arrive no EARLIER than 1 hour before their scheduled time.  Please, arrive through the front doors and not the stage door.  Natalie will meet you and direct you to your assigned dressing room.

Are parents/guardians allowed in the dressing rooms? No, only the dancers will continue to the dressing rooms. We continue to try to be respectful of one another’s space and try to limit congestion in the dressing rooms.

What will the schedule look like? The competition schedule will NOT be built studio by studio. Hurray! The schedule will be built with all studios in the specific categories dancing together. Dancers get to perform and cheer on other studios!